Millets are 100% gluten-free and Millet contains a high amount of micro nutrients and resistant starch which works as pre-biotics. Millet is rich in Fibre good for healthy and regular digestion.Millet Prevents digestion related diseases | Millet Prevents type 2 diabetes. | Millet Prevents anaemia as it is rich in Iron |Millet Helps in weight loss and Many more.

Millet KhichdiMillet Khichdi

Organic Millet Khichdi

Millet PongalMillet Pongal

Organic Millet Pongal

Millet IdliMillet Idli

Organic Millet Idli

Millet UpmaMillet Upma

Organic Millet Upma

Millet Bisibele BathMillet Bisibele Bath

Organic Millet

Bisibele Bath

Millet Vangi BathMillet Vangi Bath

Organic Millet

Vangi Bath

Millet MangoBathMillet MangoBath

Organic Millet


Millet PuliyogareMillet Puliyogare

Organic Millet


Millet DosaMillet Dosa

Organic Millet Dosa

Millet RotiMillet Roti

Organic Millet Roti

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